“Deadly is the Night”

Season:     3 episode 7
Episode:  71
Air Date: November 7, 1961
Laramie TV series starring John Smith, Robert Fuller, Spring Byington and Dennis Holmes
A Revue Studio production



Famous or infamous? It’s all a matter of perspective and a dose of reality.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
"Slim" ShermanOwner- Sherman ranch and relay station
Jess HarperSherman ranch handRobert Fuller28Credited
HootJess' horseHootUncredited
AlbyOutlawGeorge Wallace60Credited
Rafe AndrewsOutlawHarry Lauter47Credited
Matt DyerOutlaw leaderLloyd Nolan58Credited
"Ma" TolliverRancherOlive Carey75Credited
Sue Tolliver"Ma" Tolliver's granddaughterMarlene Willis19Credited
Mr. Thomas BankerVinton Hayworth55Credited
Bud Willoughby Granite City deputyCharles Robinson29Credited
CharlieRancherHoward Wright65Credited
Dave "Davy"Posee memberWilliam Murphy40Credited
CharleyOutlawTom Steele52Credited
Granite City sheriffDon Harvey 49Credited
Lily LangtryRenown beauty/Actress
Buckskin Frank LesleyOutlawMentioned
Frank JamesOutlawMentioned
Jesse JamesOutlawMentioned
The DaltonsOutlawsMentioned
Dyer's woman/Granite City bank tellerMentioned



DirectorLesley Selander
WriterJerry Adelman & John Champion
ProducerJohn Champion
Laramie ThemeCyril J. Mockridge
Music ScoreCyril Mockridge
Director of PhotographyRay Rennahan, A. S. C.
Associate ProducerDan Ullman
Art DirectorRaymond Beal
Editorial Dept. Head/SupervisorDavid J. O'Connell
Editorial Color ConsultantAlex Quiroga
Color Processing byConsolidated Film Industries
Film EditorJohn C. Fuller, A.C.E.
Musical SupervisionStanley Wilson
SoundRobert R. Bertrand
Makeup ArtistJack Barron
Hair StylistFlorence Bush
Costume & WardrobeVincent Dee
Series StuntmenPaul Baxley, Joe Canutt. Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, John Daheim, Leonard P. Geer, Sol Gorss, Hemet, Charles Horvath, Robert F. Hoy, Loren Janes, Hal Needham, George Orrison, Allen Pinson, Chuck Roberson, Ronnie Rondell Jr., Dean Smith, Tom Steele, Boyd Stockman, Jerry Summers, Jesse Wayne, Jack Williams
Assistant DirectorBen Bishop
Set DecorationJohn McCarthy & Frank Tuttle



Epilogue – based on the script “Deadly is the Night” by Jerry Adelman & John C. Champion


(“MA” TOLLIVER and JESS HARPER come out on the porch of “MA” TOLLIVER’s ranch house.)


MA” TOLLIVER: Gonna be awful lonesome without you around here, Jess. Sure wish you could stay a little longer.


JESS HARPER: Thanks “Ma,” I wish I could too. But if I don’t get back to Laramie soon, Slim’s gonna send a dogcatcher after me.


MA” TOLLIVER: You don’t come back and see us, I’ll do worse than that.


JESS HARPER: It’s a deal. Where’s Sue? I’d like to say goodbye to her.


MA” TOLLIVER: Oh, I reckon she went out to the barn. Very likely gonna try’n break that stallion again.


JESS HARPER: (Laughs) Thanks again, “Ma”, for everything. (Kisses “MA” TOLLIVER on the cheek.)


MA” TOLLIVER: Thanks a lot, Jess. Good luck.


(JESS HARPER unhitches his horse and walks over to the barn. When he looks in the barn door, he sees BUD WILLOUGHBY and SUE TOLLIVER kissing. SUE TOLLIVER, who can see JESS HARPER, raises her hand and waves. JESS HARPER smiles and shakes his head affirmatively. SUE TOLLIVER goes back to kissing BUD WILLOUGHBY. JESS HARPER mounts his horse, takes another peek in the barn and rides off, waving goodbye to “MA” TOLLIVER as he passes her.)




Historical References

The Daltons

Frank James

Jessie James

Lillie (Lily) Langtry

Buckskin Frank Leslie

Johnny Ringo


Geographic Reference

Granite, Wyoming Territory, United States of America

St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

Sedalia, Colorado Territory, United States of America or Sedalia, Missouri, United States of America 

Tascosa, Texas, United States of America


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