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Season:             6 episode 19
Series Episode: 212
Air Date:          January 19, 1963




You’ll live in a very fine house. High on a very tall hill. From your veranda, your front porch, you will be able to see the ships from China sailing into the bay. Instead of walking, you’ll ride in a very fine coach, a very fine carriage indeed… You’ll be beautiful, you’ll have lovely gowns, a new one, maybe two every day. You’ll wear your hair up.”


Employment Solicitation

Newspaper article
Betrothal Announced
Jehova, California – Amos Powers today announced the betrothal of his foster daughter, Prudence, now of marrying age, to Hector Mackenby. Mr. Powers has worked the Johova mine for the past twelve years and is well known in local circles.




A cheque of undisclosed renumeration




Eat thou honey for it is good and the honeycomb is sweet to the taste.”
Amos Powers


My son, eat thou honey, because it is good;
‘and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste:
Bible, Proverbs 24:13 King James Version



And a stranger shalt thou not oppress…
for ye knew the heart of a stranger seeing ye were a stranger.”
Amos Powers

Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger:
for ye know the heart of a stranger,
seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.
Bible, Exodus 23:9 King James Version



Those who seek my gifts instead of me, shall both the losers be.”



When God at first made man,
Having a glass of blesings standing by;
Let us (said he) pour on him all we can:
Let the world’s riches, which dispersed lie,
Contract into a span.


So strength first made a way;
The beauty flow’d, then wisdom, honour, pleasure:
When almost all was out, God made a stay,
Perceiving that alone of all his treasure
Rest in the bottom lay.
For if I should (said he)


Bestow this jewel also on my creature,
He would adore my gifts instead of me,
And rest in Nature, not the God of Nature:
So both should losers be.
Yet let him keep the rest,


But keep them with repining restlessness:
Let him be rich and weary, that at least,
If goodness lead him not, yet weariness
May toss him to my breast.
— George Herbert, Poem #391, “The Pulley”


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
PaladinAn arbiterRichard Boone45Credited
Kim Chan "Hey Boy"Hotel CarltonKam Tong56Credited
Consuela "Ellie", "Ella" Cassidy a.k.a. Prudence "Pru" PowersAmos Powers' propertyGale Garnett20Credited
Hector MackenbyPrudence Powers' prospective husbandL. Q. Jones35Credited
Amos PowersMinerRobert Emhardt46Credited
Daniel "Dan" PowersAmos Powers' sonWayne Rogers29Credited
Mrs. Randolph QuincyConsuela Cassidy's grandmotherEleanor Audley57Credited
Paladin's Armenian wished for inamorataSatenig (Sandy) DoniganCredited
Mrs. Randolph Quincy's personal assistant Hans Moebus60Uncredited
Randolph QuincyConsuela Cassidy's grandfatherMentioned
Mrs. CassidyConsuela Cassidy's mother (nee Quincy)Mentioned
Mr. CassidyConsuela Cassidy's fatherMentioned




DirectorGary Nelson
Assistant DirectorRobert L. Rosen
CreatorsHerb Meadow & Sam Rolfe
WriterGwen Bagni Gielgud
Script SupervisorRichard Chaffee
ProducerRobert Sparks
Associate ProducerDon Ingalls
Production ManagerHoward Joslin
Director of PhotographyFrank (V.) Phillips
Art DirectorRichard (Y.) Haman
Opening Theme MusicBernard Hermann (Herrmann)

Episode Music byVan Cleave
ConductorVan Cleave
"Ballad of Paladin" SingerJohnny Western
"Ballad of Paladin" written by Johnny Western, Richard Boone, Sam Rolfe
Film EditorEverett Sutherland, A.C.E.
Sound Mixer

Frederick (Fred) A. Kessler

Recording CompanyWestrex Recording System
Re-recording byJoel Moss
Property MasterArthur Friedrich
Makeup Artist
Donald (W.) Roberson
WardrobeJoseph Dimmitt

Set DecoratorClaude E. Carpenter

CastingPeggy Rae
Richard Boone's Stunt Double
Hal Needham (Uncredited)
Production CompaniesA CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Television Network Production




Filming Locations

Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States of America


Closing Credits background
Lone Pine, California, United States of America




Geographic References

Jehova, California
Nob Hill, San Francisco, California, United States of America

San Francisco, California, United States of America



Gastronomic Delights





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