“Duel at Parkison Town”

Season:     2 episode 12

Series Episode:  43

Air Date: December 13, 1960

Laramie TV series

A Revue Studios production



An eye for an eye, right or wrong, reignites an old feud.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
"Slim" ShermanOwner - Sherman Ranch and Relay StationJohn Smith29Credited
Jess HarperSherman ranch handRobert Fuller27Credited
Andy ShermanOwner - Sherman Ranch & Relay StationRobert Crawford, Jr.16Credited
Slim's horseAlamoUncredited
HootJess' horseHootUncredited
AlexanderSt. Louis Dispatch reporterMurray Matheson48Credited
DugganStagecoach driverKenneth MacDonald59Credited
Benjamin "Ben" ParkisonPatriarch of the Parkison familyHenry Hull70Credited
Floyd Parkison Ben Parkison's sonBrian Avery20Credited
Lee ParkisonBen Parkison's sonRon Harper31Credited
"Doc" SweeneyLaramie doctorDon T. Beddoe57Credited
SaundersLaramie storekeeperWilliam Challee56Credited
DougLaramie townsmanLen Hendry51Credited
WaldoLaramie newspaper ownerHoward McNear55Credited
Laramie sheriffBartlett Robinson48Credited
Laramie townsmanMichael Vallon 63Credited
Laramie townsmanEdward G. Robinson, Jr.67Credited
BullySaul Gorss52Credited
Laramie townsmanHarry Harvey, Sr.59Credited
Laramie townsmanZon Murray50Credited
Clifford F ShermanSherman relativeMentioned
Sherman relative; hung as a horse thiefMentioned



DirectorMaury Geraghty
WriterCalvin J. Clements
ProducerWinston Miller
Laramie ThemeCyril J. Mockridge
Music ScoreR. Dale Butts
Director of PhotographyRay Rennahan, A. S. C.
Associate ProducerDan Ullman
Art DirectorLloyd S. Papez
Editorial Dept. Head/SupervisorDavid J. O'Connell
Film EditorRay de Vally
Musical SupervisionStanley Wilson
SoundWilliam Russell
Makeup ArtistJack Barron
Hair StylistFlorence Bush
Costume & WardrobeVincent Dee
Series StuntmenPaul Baxley, Joe Canutt. Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, John Daheim, Leonard P. Geer, Sol Gorss, Hemet, Charles Horvath, Robert F. Hoy, Loren Janes, Hal Needham, George Orrison, Allen Pinson, Chuck Roberson, Ronnie Rondell Jr., Dean Smith, Tom Steele, Boyd Stockman, Jerry Summers, Jesse Wayne, Jack Williams
Assistant DirectorGeorge Bisk
Set DecorationJohn McCarthy & Perry Murdock



Epilogue – based on the script by Calvin J. Clements


(SLIM and ANDY are at the creek. ANDY has a rifle. SLIM has a cane. JESS and BEN and LEE PARKISON ride up. JESS dismounts and stands by SLIM.)


SLIM: I asked Jess to fetch you ta show ya this. (Takes rifle from ANDY) Andy was out huntin’ for his wolf cub. Found this in the stream. (SLIM makes his way to the stream and a large boulder.) There’s still prints here. So Floyd musta set the gun down (Demonstrates by placing the rifle against the boulder) for he crossed over. Now look here. (Points with cane to burn marks on the boulder) Powder marks on the rocks. Just like there’d be if the gun fell over and went off.


LEE PARKISON: I guess that’s the way it happened, Pa. Mr. Sherman, we’re obliged to you for sending for us.


SLIM: (Limps over to BEN PARKISON’s horse) You’ll be wantin’ ta keep this. (Slim hands the rifle to BEN PARKISON.)


BEN PARKISON: Thank ya. (Looks down at the rifle) Thank ya. Hey… ah, ya goin’ to be wearing that there cane for long?


SLIM: Not more’n a week or two accordin’ to the doc.


BEN PARKISON: I’m glad. Mighty glad it weren’t no worse. (Shrugs) Come on, son.


(BEN PARKISON and LEE PARKISON turn their horses and ride off.)


JESS: I never thought I’d hear it.


SLIM: Wasn’t easy for him, Jess.


JESS: Slim, I’m curious about somethin’. You had that gun pointed at Parkison. If his son hadn’t agreed to end the feud, would you have shot him?


SLIM: That’s a good question. I thought about it, too.


ANDY: Hey, look what I found. Can I keep him? I’ll take good care of him.


SLIM: (Smiles) Alright. Andy. You can keep ‘im.


(SLIM, ANDY and JESS turn around and head off in separate directions.)



Historical Reference

St. Louis Dispatch



Geographic Reference

Laramie, Wyoming


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