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TV SeriesHorse Character NameCharacter BreedFeaturesHorse Registered Name, Call Name, "Nickname"Breed(s)GenderTV Character RiderOwnerNotes
Adventures of the Black Stallion"Black", ShetanArabianBlackDocs Keepin Time or "Justin" Quarter HorseStallionAlec RamseyJustin owned by Rex Peterson, Acton, California, United States of AmericaDocs Keepin Time portrayed Black Beauty in the 1994 movie Black Beauty, Gulliver in the 1998 movie The Horse Whisperer, and the rearing horse in the Busch beer commercials. He was the 3x great grandson of War Admiral, 4x great grandson of Man o' War.
Annie OakleyTargetPalaminoGeldingAnnie OakleyHudkin Brothers Stables
Target 1 was a docile horse used for closeups
Annie OakleyTargetPalaminoGeldingAnnie OakleyHudkin Brothers StablesTarget 2 was an active horse that was used for chase scenes
Annie OakleyPixiePony, black and white Amigo pinto, star, 2 front white socks, 2 rear white stockings, target shape on rumpGeldingTagg OakleyJimmy Hawkins
Annie OakleyDaisyAnnie Oakley
Annie OakleyForestBay, starLofty Craig
Bat MastersonStardustBlack, 2 rear white socksBat Masterson
BuckBuckskin, 15.1 hands, 1100 poundsMaleBenjamin "Ben" CartrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
BonanzaChub/Chubb/ChubbyLiver chestnut, irregular blaze, right white front sock, right & left white rear socks, 15.3 hands, 1250 pounds
Half Thoroughbred - half Quarter HorseEric "Hoss" CartwrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
BonanzaCochisePaint, 15.3 hands, 1150 poundsQuarter HorseJoseph "Little Joe" CartrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of AmericaThirteen different horses were used as riding and stunt horses in the role of Cochise
BonanzaGingerEric "Hoss" CartwrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
BonanzaPiuteEric "Hoss" CartwrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
BonanzaSportSorrel, blaze, left front white sock, right and left white rear socks, 1100 pounds
1/8 ThoroughbredGeldingAdam CartwrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
BonanzaSport (2)Sorrel, blaze, white socks on both rear legs, 1100 pounds Adam CartwrightFat Jones Stables, Hollywood, California, United States of America
Branded PintoDiceJason McCord
Brave EagleWhite CloudWhiteKing Brave Eagle
Brisco County, Jr.CometSorrel, striipe, 3 white socksCopper, "Leadbelly"Brisco County, Jr.Used in riding scenes
Brisco County, Jr.CometStripBrisco County, Jr.Used for headwork
Brisco County, Jr.CometBoss, "Widowmaker"Brisco County, Jr.Used by stuntmen for riding stunts
Brisco County, Jr.CometAceBrisco County, Jr.Used when rearing was required
Brisco County, Jr.CometCometBrisco County, Jr.Used when rearing was required
Broken Arrow PintoCochise
BroncoSamBlackBronco Lane
Buffalo Bill, Jr.ChiefBlackBuffalo Bill, Jr.Hudkin Brothers Stables
Caitlin's Way
Caitlin's WayBanditBuckskinTatzeeUsed for close ups and tricks
Caitlin's WayBanditBuckskinBuckUsed when scenses required running, rearing, and for liberty work (loose horse on an open range)
Caitlin's WayBanditBuckskinJamieUsed in jump scenes
CheyenneBrandySorrel, blaze, left & right rear white socks, 16 handsCheyenne BodieHudkin Brothers Stables
Cowboy in AfricaPajama TopsGrant's Zebra
Dirty SallyWothlessMuleMuleJenny"Dirty Sally" Sally Fergus
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanFlash in the SkyBay, bald face, rear and front left stocking, right front sockMare
Michaela "Dr. Mike" Quinn M. D.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanBearBrownGeldingMichaela "Dr. Mike" Quinn M. D.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanScoutBrownGeldingMatthew Cooper
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanHurricaneDark brownHank Lawson
Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanTaffy
Bay, snip, right front & rear white pasterns MareBrian CooperSo named because the horse likes to eat taffy candy
F TroopPecosChestnut, blaze"Wrangler" Jane Angelica Thrift
Fury (Brave Stallion in syndication) FuryBlack, star, 15 hands, 1000 poundsHighland Dale, "Beauty", "Beaut," "Beau," "Beauter"American SaddlebredStallionJoey Clark NewtonRalph McCutcheonCraven Award (1955), 2nd Place Patsy Awards for the movie Wild in the Wind (1958)in which he was the horse running beside the train so he could be mounted, 2nd place Patsy Award for the role of Gypsy in the 1954 movie Gypsy Colt (1955), 3rd place for the TV series Fury. Starred as Black Beauty at age 26 months in the 1946 movie Black Beauty, the black stallion in the 1956 movie Giant and 1957 movie Wild is the Wind, the 1948 movie The Return of Wildfire.
He appeared as the outlaw stallion in the movie King of the Wild Stallions. He also appeared in the TV series Lassie and My Friend Flicka. Ridden by William Holden in the movie Escape from Fort Bravo ( 1953), by Clark Gable in the movie Lone Star (1952), Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Giant, Joan Crawford in the movie Johnny Guitar. Starred as Black Velvet in Red Canyon,(1949) footage from Red Canyon was used in Cattle Drive (1951) and as Outlaw in Black Horse Canyon (1954). Footage of chasing the horse herd in Red Canyon was also used in the epsiode "The Stallion" in The Virginian (1964)
Fury (Brave Stallion in syndicationBlack, star
DonroeMorganOne of Fury's 4 doubles
Fury (Brave Stallion in syndicationBlack, starDiabloDouble used in running scenes
Fury (Brave Stallion in syndicationBlack, starLuckyStunt double
Fury (Brave Stallion in syndicationBlack, starPokeyStunt double
Gunsmoke Buck BuckskinDuny WaggonerQuarter HorseGeldingMatt Dillion
GunsmokeBuckBuckskinFaithful Old Buck. "Buck"
Matt DillionJames Arness indicated that there were a number of horses portraying Buck.
GunsmokeRuthMuleBayMuleJackFestus Haggen
GunsmokePopcornGalen Adams, M.D.
Have Gun - Will TravelCurly
Have Gun - Will TravelFrisco
Have Gun - Will TravelMexico
Have Gun - Will TravelBay, white partial pastern on left front leg and a right rear leg white stocking on his right rear leg
RafterQuarter HorseStallionNamed by Richard Boone
Have Gun - Will TravelRudy
HeartlandChampTimCutting horse
HeartlandCheckersBrown & white pintoGeorge
HeartlandCopperSorrel, blaze Mallory
HeartlandCowboyAmyRoping horse
HeartlandGhostLeopard spotAppaloosa
HeartlandLightning Dexter
HeartlandPaintBrown & white pintoJack
HeartlandPhoenix Rising / Skye's the LimitWhiteGeorgieRoman riding
HeartlandPogeyKatieMiniature horse
HeartlandShortyCalebRodeo horse
HeartlandSpartanBlackStormyAmy FlemingBegan the series at the age of 5.
HeartlandSpartan SonnySpartan double
HeartlandStormWhiteAmy Fleming
HeartlandSugarfootWhiteLittle ChiefMrs. BellLeo Cross and Margaret Thiessen
HeartlandTroubleRoman riding
Hopalong CassidyTopperWhite with black earsTopperArabianStallionHopalong "Hoppy" CassidyWilliam BoydBuried at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calbasas, California, United States of America
I Love LucyWhirling JetStandardbred
Iron Horse BlackHannibalGeldingBenjamin P. CalhounDale RobertsonHannibal had bad feet
Johnny RingoBingo
LancerBaranca Palamino"Johnny Madrid", John Lancer
LaramieChestnut, irregular blaze, Alamo"Slim" Sherman
LaramieHootBay, star, 15.2 handsHootQuarter HorseGeldingJess HarperRobert Fuller
LaramieHootBay, 15.2 handsHemitGeldingStunt horse for Hoot. Hemit did not have a star so one was painted on.
LaramieFlashPalaminoAndy Sherman
LaramieGiantPalaminoMike "Tiger" Williams
LaredoAmigoBlack, white blaze, left rear white stockingChad CooperPeter Brown
LaredoCactusBay, full blaze, 2 rear white stockings. 1 right front sockReece Bennett
LaredoBuckskin, white coronet left rear, white pastern right rear
Joe Riley
LaredoWhiteErik Hunter
Little House on the PrairieBunnyLaura Ingalls
M*A*S*HSophieChestnut with blaze Mare Colonel Sherman T. PotterGiven to Colonel Potter by Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly. The role was played by various horses of both genders.
MaverickEl LoanerBay, starBret Maverick
Mister EdMister EdPalamino, white blaze, right & left white rear stockings, 15 hands, 1100 pounds Bamboo HarvesterArab, American Saddlebred, MorganGeldingWilbur PostFoaled in 1949, a champion show horse, appeared in the Rose Parade
Mister EdMister EdPalamine, 15.2 handsPumpkin, "Punkin"American Quarter HorseBamboo Harvester's stunt double
My Friend FlickaFlickaChestnut, 900 poundsWahanaArabianMareKen McLaughlinWon a Craven Award (1958)
My Friend FlickaFlickaGoldieMaleStunt double for Wahana. Ridden by Stephanie "Steffi" Epper
My Friend FlickaFlickaJimmaleMartha Crawford CantariniStunt double for Wahana in free jumping scenes
National VelvetKingBlack, bald face, 4 white stockingsBlaze KingGeldingVelvet Brown
National VelvetKingBlack, bald face, 4 white stockingsChiefGeldingStunt double for Blaze King
Parks and RecreatonLi'l SebastianPawnee
Pony ExpressAmigoBrett Clark
Queen of SwordsChicoChicoHis bridle and breastplate were replicas of that used in the movie Zorro (1975) and the 1990 television series Zorro
Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords
WhiteMonteroCaptain GrishamAppeared in the movie Gladiator as Russell Crowe's mount
Queen of Swords
BlackSalanSalan died at the end of filming
Queen of Swords
Range RiderRawhideBuckskinRange Rider
Range RiderLuckyPintoDick West/Rivers
Rawhide BlackMidnightGil Favor
Rawhide Chestnut, white blaze, 4 white stockingsJousterRowdy Yates
Red RyderThunder/Black JackBlack, 4 white stockings
Quarter HorseStallionRed Ryder "The Famous Fighting Cowboy"Also Phantom on Zorro
Red RyderPapoosePintoLittle Beaver
Rough RidersJokerLt. Cullen Kirby
Sergeant Preston of the YukonRexBlack, starAmerican SaddlebredSergeant Preston
Sergeant Preston of the YukonBlackieSergeant Preston
ShaneCandyShaneUniversal Studios
Spin & Marty
WhiteDynamiteThis horse also appeared as Phantom on the Disney series Zorro
Spin & Marty
SailorChestnut, blazeSpin Evans
Spin & Marty
SkyrocketPalaminoMr. RickMartin "Marty" MarkhamLeonard "Lennie" P. Greer
Spin & Marty DaisyMuleJenny
Star TrekTangoChristopher Pike (in his childhood)
Steptoe and SonHercules
Sugarfoot SickleTom Brewster "Sugarfoot"
Sugarfoot Copper, white blazePennyHalf Quarter Horse and Half ThoroughbredTom Brewster "Sugarfoot"
Tales of Wells FargoFargoJim Hardie
Tales of Wells FargoHannibalJim Hardie
Tales of Wells FargoJubileeBrown, white blazeJim Hardie
Tales of Wells FargoLeo Jr.Jim Hardie
The Adventures of Black BeautyBlack BeautyBlack, white blazeTramp
The Adventures of Black BeautyBlack BeautyBlackEbony
The Adventures of Black BeautyBlack BeautyBlackFury
The Adventures of Black BeautyBlack BeautyJet
The Adventures of Champion Champion, "The World's Wonder Horse"Chestnut with flaxen mane & tail, white blaze, 4 white stockingsTelevision Champ, "TV Champ" GeldingRicky NorthGene Autry
The Adventures of ChampionChampion, "The World's Wonder Horse" Light sorrel with flaxen mane & tail, white blaze, 4 white stockingsWillieRicky NorthGene AutryUsed in scenes where Champion ran loose
The Adventures of Wild Bill HickokBuckshotLeopard Appalosa,, black maneQuarter HorseGelding"Wild Bill" HickokGuy Madison
The Adventures of Wild Bill HickokJokerSorrelQuarter Horse"Jingles" P. Jones
The Big ValleyChargerHeath Barkley
The Big ValleyCocoa / Coco Liver chestnut, blaze, golden flaxen mane & tail
Nick Barkley
The Big ValleyJingoJarrod Barkley
The Cisco KidDiabloWhite & black pintoCisco KidDuncan Renaldo may have purchased Diablo and kept it at his Santa Barbara ranchMay have been played by 3 horses
The Cisco KidLocoPalaminoPancho
The Gene Autry ShowChampionChestnut with flaxen mane & tail, white blaze, 4 white stockingsTelevision Champion, "TV Champ"GeldingGene AutryGene Autry
The Gene Autry ShowChampionChestniutWillieStunt double for Television Champion
The High ChaparralBillyBrown, star, black mane and tailBilly
John Cannon
The High ChaparralDiabloBlack and white pinto, 4 white stockings, white tailMixed, Quarter HorseMano "Manolito" Montoya
The High ChaparralDiabloBlackSebastian Montoya
The High ChaparralMacadoo/Mackadoo/McAdooSorrel, blaze with an arrow shape at the forehead, flaxen mane & tail, 4 white stockings, 15+ hands"Mac"Mixed, Quarter HorseMano "Manolito" Montoya
The High ChaparralRebelBay, blaze with the shape of South America at the forehead.PrinceMixed, Quarter HorseBuck CannonScene stealer
The High ChaparralSoapyPalamino, starMixed, Quarter HorseWilliam Blue "Blue Boy" Cannon
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailApacheReno
The High ChaparralDapple gray John Cannon - stolen by Manolito Montoya - given to Victorial MontoyaOnly appeared in the series pilot
The High ChaparralSorrel, blaze, flaxen mane & tail, 4 white stockingsFlaxMacadoo's double
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailIreneVictoria Cannon
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailJamaWind
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailMachoVaquero
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailPacoIra Bean
The High ChaparralChestnut, black mane & tailPanchoPedro Carr
The High ChaparralChestnut, blaze, black mane & tailRibbonArab and Quarter Horse Joe ButlerOne of three horses Joe Butler rode during the series.
The High ChaparralBayRudyMixed, ThoroughbredSam Butler
The LonerBlackAmerican Saddlebred
William CoultonFive gaited
The Lone RangerSilverWhite, 17+ handsWhite Cloud Morab Tennessee Walking HorseStallion"The Lone Ranger" (Clayton Moore)Purchased from the Hugh Hooker Ranch in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Silver sold after the series to the Ace Hudkin's Stables, Patsy Award for Excellent (1957). Craven Award (1957). In 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather.
The Lone RangerSilverWhite, 17+ hands, black spot on left ear that was dyed for filming
Tarzen's White Banner / Hi-Yo SilverStallion"The Lone Ranger" (John Hart)Jack WratherFoaled 9-2-1945 in Danville, Illinois, USA..
His original name was derived from his sire - Tarzen and the fact that he was born on VJ Day. George W. Trendle bought him for the series. In 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather.
The Lone RangerScoutWhite & brown pintoPetMustangGeldingTontoJack WratherPurchased from the Hooker farm by Bill Ward. In 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather.
The Lone Ranger GrayPony Hoss"The Lone Ranger" Used for eight years before the appearnace of Silver
The Lone RangerVictorWhiteVictorDan ReidJack WratherIn 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather.
The Lone RangerSilverWhite, 17+ hands, pink skin, black eyes
BlancoStallion"The Lone Ranger"Jack WratherPurchased from the Hooker farm by Bill Ward. In 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather.
The Lone RangerSilverWhite, pink skin, 15.2 hands, 1150 poundsDynamiteStandardbredStallionThe Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore and John Hard)Jack WratherPurchased from the Hooker farm by Bill Ward. In 1954 the series and the horses were sold to Jack Wrather. Same horse as on Zorro and Spin and Marty
The Lone RangerSilverRatchetheadStunt double for ilver
The Magnificent SevenChestnut, white blazeJosiah SanchezMov'in On Ranch, Lilley family, Santa Clara, CA, USA
The QuestPartnerChestnutQuentin Beaudine
The QuestBuckskinMorgan Two Persons Beaudine
The Range RiderLuckyPintoDick West a.k.a. Dick Rivers
The Range RiderRawhideBuckskinCurt Manning "The Range Rider"
The Restless GunScarJohn HenryVint Bonner
The Rifleman
BlueboyBay, star, left rear white pastern, mealy mouthedBoscoMark McCain
The RiflemanRazorBlackQuarter HorseGeldingLucas McCain
The Roy Rogers ShowButtermilkLight buckskin with a black mane and tailSoda - changed to ButtermilkQuarter HorseGeldingDale EvansDale Evans
The Roy Rogers ShowTrigger"Gold coin" Palamino, 15.3 hands, white flaxen mane & tail, 4 white stockingsGolden Cloud7/8 ThoroughbredStallonRoy RogersRoy RogersRoy Rogers saw this horse on the set and purchased him. He renamed him Roy Rogers saw this horse on the set and purchased him. He renamed him Trigger.Trigger was trained by Glenn Randall. Trigger had his own comic book.
The SopranosPie-O-MyRalph Cifaretto
The TexanDominoPintoBill Longley
The VirginianBuck
The VirginianJoe Leopard spotJoe D.Appaloosa"The Virginian"
The VirginianJoe Leopard spotAppaloosaJoe D.'s double
The VirginianEaster UteElizabeth GraingerJames DruryCarl Easterwood of Dimmitt, Texas, USA gave Mr. Drury the horse.
The Wild Wild WestBlackSuperstarJames West
The Young RidersLightningLouise "Lou" McCloud
The Young RidersKatyBrown Overo PintoDukeGeldingThe "Kid"
The Young RidersBay, star, snip, 2 white rear socksWillam F. Cody
The Young RidersPalaminoJames "Jimmy" Butler Hickok
The Young RidersChestnut, white blaze, 4 white socksRunning Buck Cross
The Young RidersIke McSwain
ThunderThunderBlack, 16+ hands
OttThoroughbredStallionBobby J. DavenportOtt won 3 Patsy awards for performances on Bonanza, Lassie and Run, Joe, Run. Ott also worked on Little HOuse on the prairie and the 1971 movie version of Black Beauty
ThunderThunderBlack, 16+ hands
RexBobby J. DavenportOtt's stunt double
ThunderCupcakeMuleBobby J. Davenport
ThunderJakeMuleBobby J. DavenportCupcake's stunt double. Starred in the Disney movie "Gus."
TrackdownMexicoBay, broad blaze, right front sock, 2 rear socks Hoby Gilman
Two Broke GirlsChestnut
Wagon TrainChestnut, irregular blaze, 4 white socks GamblerCooper SmithRobert Fuller
Wagon TrainStormy NightFlint McCullough
Walker Texas RangerAmigoBusterCordell WalkerMcDonald Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ
Walker Texas RangerRangerRebelCordell WalkerMcDonald Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ
Wanted Dead or AliveRingoBlack, star, white coronet left rear leg, Box L brandRingoQuarter horseGeldingJosh RandallTempermental
Whispering SmithJoe Queen Bay, blaze
Tom "Whispering" Smith
Wyatt EarpBrown, Blaze, 4 white stockingsCandyWyatt EarpUniversal StudiosAlso ridden in the TV series Shane (see above)
Xena: Warror PrincessArgoPalaminoTillyMareXenaThree horses are believed to have portrayed Argo, each with their own set of talents.
ZorroPhantomWhiteDynamiteDon Diego de la Vega "Zorro"
ZorroTornadoBlackDiamond DecoratorQuarter HorseStallion
Don Diego de la Vega "Zorro"Won the Grand Nationals Medal Class (1950) with 14 wins.


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