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“Sweet Lady of the Moon”


Season:             6 episode 26
Series Episode: 219
Air Date:          March 9, 1963




I have sometimes hunted men so I have sometimes carried chains.”



Employment Solicitation

Newpaper editorial
Today, the Supreme Court of this state freed a lunatic murderer on the grounds he didn’t know what he was doing when he cruelly killed Charles Traynor, his wife, and eight year old son. Well, this newspaper says, “Hogwash.” Doctors of the lunatic asylum have announced that murderer Carl Soddenburg will be transferred from prison to the state asylum for a voluntary rest, before being returned to society again, before being sent to another unsuspecting community. Maybe so. But maybe the kin of Soddenburg’s victims will have something to say about that.








Women are the heavenly roses of our earthly existance.”

Honor Women! they entwine and weave heavenly roses in our earthly life.”
Friedrich Schiller




Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
PaladinAn arbiterRichard Boone45Credited
Kim Chan "Hey Boy"Hotel Carlton porterKam Tong56Credited
Ben MurdockGood SamaritanHarry Carey, Jr.41Credited
Mary MurdockBen Murdock's wifeDorothy Dells34Credited
Carl SoddenbergPsychiatric patientCrahan Denton48Credited
WeiserDoctor of Mental MedicineRichard Shannon42Credited
SheriffRobert J. Stevenson47Credited
Paladin's inamorataJoan Swift29Uncredited
Jimmy TraynorTraynor's brotherHal Needham32Uncredited
2 deputiesUncredited
Burt SydneyOld manMentioned
Charles TraynorFatherMentioned
Mrs. TraynorMotherMentioned
Master TraynorSonMentioned




DirectorRichard Boone
Assistant DirectorGary Nelson
CreatorsHerb Meadow & Sam Rolfe
WritersHarry Julian Fink
Script SupervisorRichard Chaffee
ProducerFrank R. Pierson
Associate ProducerHoward Joslin & Albert Ruben
Director of PhotographyFrank (V.) Phillips
Art DirectorRichard (Y.) Haman
Opening Theme MusicBernard Hermann (Herrmann)

"Ballad of Paladin" SingerJohnny Western
"Ballad of Paladin" written by Johnny Western, Richard Boone, Sam Rolfe
Film EditorSamuel (Sam) Gold
Sound Mixer

Frederick (Fred) A. Kessler

Recording CompanyWestrex Recording System
Re-recording byJoel Moss
Property MasterArthur Friedrich
Makeup Artist
Donald Roberson
WardrobeJoseph Dimmitt

CastingPeggy Rae
Titles and Opticals Pacific Title
Richard Boone's Stunt Double
Hal Needham (Uncredited)
StuntmenCarol Daniels (Uncredited)
Production CompaniesA CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) Television Network Production




Filming Locations

Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States of America


Exterior Scenes
Bishop, California, United States of America


Closing Credits background
Lone Pine, California, United States of America



Historical Reference

Universal Sufferage


Geographic References

Maryville, California, United States of America
San Francisco, California, United States of America




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