“The Dark Trail”


Season:      2 episode 7

Series Episode:   38*

Air Date:  November 1,  1960

Laramie TV series satarring John Smith and Robert Fuller

A Revue Studios production


*This is the only episode in the series with a voice-over prologue.





Liars never prosper. Cheaters never win. However, a lot of people can be hurt in the process.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus 
"Slim" ShermanOwner - Sherman ranch and relay stationJohn Smith29Credited
Jess HarperSherman ranch handRobert Fuller27Credited
HootJess' horseHootUncredited
Celie BronsonSam's daughterGigi Perreau19Credited
Sam BronsonRanch ownerHarold J. Stone47Credited
BetzOutlaw leaderL. Q. Jones33Credited
Mr.CreightonStage line employeeVinton Hayworth54Credited
Jack Fletcher (alias Sandy Kayle) OutlawRobert Vaughn27Credited
ToddMarshal New Mexico TerritoryStuart Randall51Credited
PerryBronson's ranch handBob Anderson40Credited
Cold Creek doctorHenry Hunter53Credited
Ferris OutlawLenny GreerUncredited
Cold Creek hotel clerkUncredited
Cold Creek sheriff
Tim SmithMentioned



DirectorFrancis D. Lyon
TeleplayMilton Geiger
StoryDan Ullman
ProducerJohn C. Champion
Laramie ThemeCyril J. Mockridge
Music ScoreCyril Mockridge
Director of PhotographyGilbert Warrington
Associate ProducerDan Ullman
Art DirectorLloyd S. Papez
Editorial Dept. Head/SupervisorDavid J. O'Connell
Film EditorJohn C. Fuller, A.C.E.
Musical SupervisionStanley Wilson
SoundClarence E. Self
Makeup ArtistJack Barron
Hair StylistFlorence Bush
Costume & WardrobeVincent Dee
Series Stuntmen (uncredited)Paul Baxley, Joe Canutt. Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, John Daheim, Leonard P. Geer, Sol Gorss, Hemet, Charles Horvath, Robert F. Hoy, Loren Janes, Allen Pinson, Chuck Roberson, Ronnie Rondell Jr., Dean Smith, Tom Steele, Jerry Summers, Jack Williams
Note: Robert Fuller often performed his own stunts in the series.
Set DecorationJohn McCarthy/Perry Murdock


Epilogue – based on “The Dark Trail,” a teleplay by Milton Geiger and story by Dan Ullman


(The horses are moving around in the Sherman ranch corral. MR. CRAIGHTON, SLIM SHERMAN and JESS HARPER are resting their arms on the corral gate.)


MR. CRAIGHTON: I don’t know, all these horses you brought in look kinda beat.


JESS HARPER: I reckon you would be too if you’d come as far as they did.


SLIM SHERMAN: Oh listen, what Jess means is you can’t travel a horse on a lead line over two hundred miles of rough country and expect him to look his best.


MR. CRAIGHTON: Well, I guess they’ll fill out. Even if they don’t, I s’pose we can always use them for standby teams.


SLIM SHERMAN: Well, then it’s a deal.


MR. CRAIGHTON: Yeah…yeah. You know I can’t help envyin’ you two.


JESS HARPER: Wha d’ya’ mean?


MR. CRAIGHTON: Well, just being able to pick up and go like you did going south to pick up these bangtails. (Laughs) You must have had quite a time for yourself, didn’t ya?


JESS HARPER: Yeah, I guess I did.


MR. CRAIGHTON: What d’ya mean ya guess ya did? I remember more than a few of those trail town saloons you musta been in. Heh-heh! Was in them myself when I was about your age. ‘Bout broke my heart when I had to go back to work. Yes sir, you young fellas sure got it easy.


(SLIM SHERMAN and JESS HARPER watch MR. CRAIGHTON leave and grin at each other, stifling laughter as they turn back to the corral.)



Geographic References

Cold Creek, Colorado Territory, United States of America

Colorado Springs, Colorado Territory, United States of America

Fort Collins, Colorado Territory, United States of America

Jefferson Territory, United States of America

New Mexico  Territory, United States of America

Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, United States of America






Sources: Laramie episodes (written, spoken, and credits), Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and individual observation

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