The Turn of the Wheel


Season:     3 episode 26
Series Episode:  90
Air Date: April 3, 1962
Laramie TV series
A Revue Studio production



When a woman from Slim’s past returns, he has to find out what’s real and what isn’t.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
"Slim" ShermanOwner - Sherman ranch and relay stationJohn Smith31Credited
Jess HarperSherman ranch handRobert Fuller28Credited
Daisy CooperSherman housekeeperSpring Byington75Credited
Marty CarrLaramie saloon managerAnthony Caruso45Credited
Mr. GordonEastern gangsterSean McClory38Credited
Sheriff Mort CoryLaramie sheriffStuart Randall52Credited
Frank MannusSaloon ownerLyle Bettger47Credited
Abbey O'NeillSaloon singerErin O'Brien28Credited
Billy O'NeillAbbey O'Neill's brotherPaul GearyCredited
Mose ShellStagecoach driverEddy Waller71Credited
Laramie bartenderHenry Beckman40Credited
FritzPete Kellet39Uncredited
Laramie doctorUncredited
Eastern hoodlums (2)Uncredited
BarflyFrank Mills71Uncredited
BarflyKermit Maynard64Uncredited
CroupierDick Cherney47Uncredited
BarflyBud Cokes45Uncredited
BarflyMathew McCue66Uncredited
BarflyArnold Roberts39Uncredited
Bobby CollinsAbbey's fianceMentioned



DirectorLesley Selander
TeleplayRod Peterson & Paul Savage
StoryArthur Browne, Jr.
ProducerJohn Champion
Laramie ThemeCyril Mockridge
Director of PhotographyRay Rennahan, A. S. C.
Associate ProducerDan Ullman
Art DirectorAlexander A. Mayer
Editorial Dept. Head/SupervisorDavid J. O'Connell
Editorial Color ConsultantAlex Quiroga
Color Processing byConsolidated Film Industries
Film EditorJohn C. Fuller, A.C.E.
Musical SupervisionStanley Wilson
SoundEarl Crain, Jr.
Makeup ArtistJack Barron
Hair StylistFlorence Bush
Costume & WardrobeVincent Dee
Series StuntmenPaul Baxley, Joe Canutt. Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, John Daheim, Leonard P. Geer, Sol Gorss, Charles Horvath, Robert F. Hoy, Loren Janes, Hal Needham, George Orrison, Allen Pinson, Chuck Roberson, Ronnie Rondell Jr., Dean Smith, Tom Steele, Boyd Stockman, Jerry Summers, Jesse Wayne, Jack Williams
Assistant DirectorCharles S. Gould



Epilogue – based on the teleplay by Rod Peterson & Paul Savage and story by Arthur Browne, Jr.


(The DOCTOR is attending a man lying on a gaming table. MANNUS, GORDON and his HENCHMAN come into the saloon from the saloon office, on their way to the Laramie sheriff’s office with MORT CORY, JESS and the Laramie DEPUTY herding them. Two men bring ABBEY’s body out on a stretcher. SLIM is sitting at a table in the saloon. He watches as ABBEY’s body goes by.)


JESS: (Approaches SLIM’s table) Slim, Mort was wonderin’ about those plates.


SLIM: (Aimlessly looking at items from Abbey’s dressing table.) Well, she said that… Billy had ’em.


MORT CORY: (Picks up Billy’s picture, shakes it, opens the back and finds the printing plates.) Thanks, Slim.


JESS: You ready to go home, pard?


SLIM: Ya’ think Daisy and Mike would have a former saloonkeeper around?


JESS: (Pats SLIM’s back) What they don’t know won’t hurt ’em.


(SLIM gather’s Abbey’s personal items and gets up. JESS follows him out the door.)



Historical Reference




Geographic References

Denver, Colorado Territory

Laramie, Wyoming Territory


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