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What is the attraction of the old-fashioned television westerns?

It may not have actually been a simpler time, but it was represented as a time when right and wrong were not as muddy.

Granted, the good guys didn’t always wear white hats, nor did the bad guys always dress in black. There were times when someone would move from path to path. But the paths themselves never merged.

Finally, by the end of the western – with the setting sun, right generally triumphed and there was hope, just over the horizon.

Head ‘Em Straight



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Check out the 124 episodes that galloped onto the small screen from September 15, 1959 to May 21, 1963, on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. EST. Set in the 1870s on the Sherman ranch and relay station, a shirttail outfit just outside of Laramie in the Wyoming Territory, this highly rated action western presented stories for the enjoyment of the young and old.

Meet Slim Sherman and Andy Sherman, owners of the Sherman ranch and relay station, the ambling Jonesy, the footloose tumbleweed Jess Harper, Mrs. Daisy Cooper who always saw the comin’ grass, “Tiger” Mike Williams, Mose Shell the Jehu, and star-toter Mort Cory.

Nearly 750 actors lent their talents to the success of Laramie. Can you fill in any of the blanks in the Episode listings?

Miss Daisy’s cooking was renowned. Represented here are temptations featured or mentioned on Laramie.  Any suggestions?



David Janti
September 1


Tasha Tacosa
September 1


Michael Dante
September 2


Sandra Knight
September 2


Les Brandt
September 7


Clint Lilley
September 9


Gray (Greg) Mullavey
September 10


Barry Cullison
September 11


John Hawkes
September 11


Anne Helm
September 12


Peggy Webber
September 15


Patrick Culliton
September 18


Jeremy Roberts
September 18


Karl Heid
September 19


Gina Gillespie
September 20


Karen Sharpe
September 20


Vera Miles
September 23


Paul Peterson
September 23


Pat Skipper
September 23


Karen Arthur
September 24


Tom Skerritt
September 25


Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri)
September 26


David Kagen
September 27


A Martinez
September 27


Kathleen Noland
September 27


Tommy Sands
September 27


Antoinette Bower
September 30


Angie Dickinson
September 30


Watch for the addition of Maverick!

“I’m working on it.”

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