Season:               4 episode 17
Series Episode:   103
Air Date:            February 17, 1969



Modoc reparations…or war.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
Victoria BarkleyBarkley matriarchMiss Barbara Stanwyck58Credited
Jarrod Thomas Barkley, EsquireEldest Barkley son / LawyerRichard Long37Credited
Nicholas "Nick" Jonathan BarkleySecond Barkley son, / Property managerPeter Breck36Credited
Heath BarkleyTom Barkley's third son / Assistant property managerLee Majors26Credited
Audra BarkleyBarkley daughterLinda Evans22Credited
Lil BaileyWagon Wheel Saloon hostessAmy ThomsonCredited
BentonAt Watson's ranchPete Kellett46Credited
Thomas "Tom" LightfootBoyhood friend of Nicholas & Audra Barkley / Harvard graduate / Lawyer Joe Don Baker32Credited
Fred MaddenStockton sheriffDouglas Kennedy53Credited
Arthur McCannSan Joaquin District AttorneyWalter Coy60Credited
Charlie MurphyOwner of the Stockton Wagon Wheel SaloonHarry Swoger49Credited
Ben WatsonCard player at Wagon Wheel SaloonHarry Lauter54Credited
Clem WatsonCard player at Wagon Wheel SaloonDanny Kemp41Credited
AndrewJudgePeter Brocco66Credited
Calvin "Cal"At Watson's ranchBill Catching42Credited
WalterM&M Stage Line depot employeeBill Quinn56Credited
First Juror, first rowBobby Gilbert70Uncredited
Fifth juror, first rowFrank Baker76Uncredited
JurorBenjie Bancroft50Uncredited
JurorJohn Roy70Uncredited
Stockton townsmanDon Ames47Uncredited
Stockton townsmanWag Blesing47Uncredited
Stockton townsmanJohn Breen62Uncredited
Stockton townsman outside jail after trialBill Coontz51Uncredited
Stockton townsmanRod McGaughy45Uncredited
Stockton townsmanMax Wagner60Uncredited
"Doc" MerarStockton doctorMentioned
WatsonBen & ClemWatson's fatherMentioned
Andrew YoungPresident Pro Tem California State SenateMentioned
AlmaBarkley cousinMentioned
Tom Lightfoot's fatherMentioned
Tom Lightfoot's motherMentioned
Governor of CaliforniaMentioned




CreatorsA. I. Bezzendes & Louis F. Edelman
Executive ProducersArthur Gardner, Arnold Laven & Jules (V.) Levy
ProducerLou Morheim
Producer's AssistantMarilyn Fiebelkorn & Penny Danz
Production SupervisionNorman S. Powell
Production ManagerDon Torpin
Production CoordinatorrTom (Ernst) R. Rolf
Director Lawrence Dobkin
Assistant DirectorBob White
WriterJohn O'Dea, Ken Pettus, & Jay Simms
StoryJohn O'Dea
& Jay Simms
Theme Music ComposerGeorge Duning
Music SupervisionAlfred Perry
MusicLalo Schifrin
Music EditorHarry King
Director of PhotographyChas (Charles) E. Burke, A.S.C.
Sound Don Rush
Sound EffectsKay Rose
Editorial SupervsorRichard E. Reilly
EditingSherman A. Todd, A.C..E.
Art DirectionJack DeShields (Jack F. De Shields)
Set DecoratorPierre Ludlum
Sidney Perrell
Hair Stylist
Gale McGarry
WardrobeRobert B. Harris
CastingHarvey Clermont
Stunt Double (uncredited)Jeannie Epper
Production CompaniesFour Star Productions
& Margate
Professional AssociationsInternational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.)
AcknowledgementsConference of the California Historical Societies



Filming Location


CBS Studio Center – 4024 Radford Avenue Studio City, Los Angeles, California, United States of America




Geographic References

Lodi, California, United States of America
Stockton, California, United States of America


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