Season:              2 episode 9
Series Episode18
Air Date:           March 10, 2000



“Of all he tyrannies of human kind, the worst is that which persecutes the mind.” – Josiah Sanchez quoting  John Dryden from “The Hind and the Panther. A Poem, in Three Parts”



Find a serial killer.



A dollar a day and found



Euphemisms / Quotes / Literary References


“These fellas are as full of wind as a bull in corn time.” – Bucklin “Buck” Wilmington


“Those who can do, and those who can’t watch.” – Ezra Standish


“Lotta frosting, no cake.” – Bucklin “Buck” Wilmington


“We all know, it ain’t the fiddle, it’s the man holding the bow.” – Pace McCormick


“Fishin’ up the wrong stream, my friend.” – Pace McCormick


“And in those days shall me seek death and shall not find it. And shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” – Josiah Sanchez from Revelation 9:6, the Bible KJV


“Evil is wrought by want of mind as well as want of heart.” – Josiah Sanchez

“The Lady’s Dream” (pub. Feb. 1844)

by Thomas Hood

The lady lay in her bed,

Her couch so warm and soft,

But her sleep was restless and broken still;

For turning often and oft

From side to side, she mutter’d and moan’d

And toss’d her arms aloft.

At last she startled up,

And gazed on the vacant air,

With a look of awe, as if she saw

Some dreadful phantom there –

And then in the pillow she buried her face

From visions ill to bear.

The very curtain shook,

Her terror was so extreme;

And the light that fell on the broider’d quilt

Kept a tremulous gleam;

And her voice was hollow, and shook as she cried:-

Oh me! that awful dream’!

That weary, weary walk,

In the churchyard’s dismal ground!

And those horrible things, with shady wings,

That came and flitted round, –

Death, death, and nothing but death,

In every sight and sound!

And oh! those maidens young,

Who wrought in that dreary room,

With figures drooping and spectres thin,

And cheeks without a bloom;-

And the Voice that cried, “For the pomp of pride,

We haste to an early tomb!

‘For the pomp and pleasure of Pride,

We toil like Afric slaves,

And only to earn a home at last,

And only to earn a home at last,

Where yonder cypress waves;’-

And then they pointed – I never saw

A ground so full of graves!

And still the coffins came,

With their sorrowful trains and slow’

Coffin after coffin still,

A sad and sickening show;

From grief exempt, I never had dreamt

Of such a World of Woe?

Of the hearts that daily break,

Of the tears that hourly fall,

Of the many, many troubles of life,

That grieve this earthly ball-

Disease and Hunger, and Pain, and Want,

But now I dreamt of them all!

For the blind and the cripple were there,

And the babe that pined for bread,

And the houseless man, and the widow poor

Who begged – to bury the dead;

The naked, alas, that I might had clad,

The famish’d I might have fed!

The sorrow I might have sooth’d,

And the unregarded tears;

For many a thronging shape was there,

From long-forgotten years,

Ay, even the poor rejected Moor,

Who raised my childish fears!

Each pleading look, that long ago

I scann’d with a heedless eye,

Each face was gazing as plainly there,

As when I pass’d it by:

Woe, woe for me if the past should be

Thus present when I die!

No need of sulphurous lake,

No need of fiery coal,

But only that crowd of human kind

Who wanted pity and dole –

In everlasting retrospect –

Will wring my sinful soul!

Alas! I have walk’d through life

Too heedless where I trod;

Nay, helping to trample my fellow-worm,

And fill the burial sod –

Forgetting that even the sparrow falls

Not unmark’d of God!

I drank the richest draughts;

And ate whatever is good –

Fish, and flesh, and fowl, and fruit,

Supplied my hungry mood;

But I never remember’d the wretched ones

That starve for want of food!

I dress’d as the noble dress,

In cloth of silver and gold,

With silk, and satin, and costly furs,

In many an ample fold;

But I never remember’d the naked limbs

That froze with winter’s cold.

The wounds I might have heal’d!

The human sorrow and smart!

And yet it never was in my soul

To play so ill a part:

But evil is wrought by want of Thought,

As well as want of Heart!

She clasp’d her fervent hands,

And the tears began to stream;

Large, and bitter, and fast they fell, 

Remorse was so extreme;

And yet, oh yet, that many a Dame

Would dream the Lady’s Dream!


Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all.” – Josiah Sanchez

Henry VI Part 2: Act 3, Scene 3 (pub. 1623)
by William Shakespeare 

Enter King Henry, Salisbury and Warwick, to the

Cardinal in bed, raving and staring.


How fares my lord? Speak, Beaufort, to thy sovereign.


If thou be’st Death, I’ll give thee England’s treasure,

Enough to purchase such another island,

So thou wilt let me live and feel no pain. 


Ah, what a sign it is of evil life,

Where Death’s approach is seen so terrible!


Beaufort, it is thy sovereign speaks to thee.


Bring unto my trial when you will.

Died he not in his bed? Where should he die?

Can I make men live, whe’er they will or no?

O, torture me no more! I will confess.

Alive again? Then show me where he is. 

I’ll give a thousand pound to look upon him. 

He hath no eyes! The dust hath blinded them. 

Comb down his hair.  Look, look.  It stand upright,

Like lime-twigs set to catch my winged soul 

Give me some drink, and bid the apothecary

Bring the strong poison that I bought of him. 


O’ Thou eternal over of the heavens,

Look with a gentle eye upon this wretch!

O, beat away the busy meddling fiend

That lays strong siege unto this wretch’s soul

And from his bosom purge this black despair!


See how the pangs of death do make him grin!


Disturb him not. Let him pass peaceably.


Peace to his soul, if God’s good pleasure be! –

Lord Card’nal, if thou think’st on heav’s bliss,

Hold up thy hand; make signal of they hope. 

The Cardinal dies.

He dies and makes no sign. O, God forgive him! 


So bad a death argues a monstrous life.


Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all. 

Close up his eyes, and draw the curtain close,

And let us all to meditation.

After the curtains are closed around

the bed, they exit.  The bed is removed.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
Chris Larabee

Michael Biehn
Vin Tanner
GunfighterEric Close
John “J.D." Dunne
GunfighterAndrew Kavovit
Bucklin "Buck" Wilmington
GunfighterDale Midkiff
Josiah Sanchez
Gunfighter/ TheologianRon Perlman
Ezra Standish
Gambler/ Conman/ Gunfighter
Anthony Starke
Nathan Jackson
Gunfighter / HealerRick Worthy
Mary Travis
Owner and editor of The Clarion News
Laurie Holden
Irene Dunlap
Amy Hayes
Pace McCormick
Co-owner of The McCormick Brothers Traveling Gun Competition / “Fastest man on earth”- Barker
Joe Lara
Sledge McCormick
Co-owner of The McCormick Brothers Traveling Gun Competition
Blake Adams
Cyrus Poplar
Pinkerton Detective
Lenny von Dohlen
Seminole villager
Siena Goines
Hannah Sanchez
Josiah Sanchez' sister
Jennifer Edwards

Barker with The McCormick Brothers traveling Gun Competition
Steven J. Oliver
Man dressed as a showgirlDavid Michaels
Wendy Robie
Boy at the nunnery
TownsmanJohnny Luckett
David S. Winn III
The Dunlaps
Irene Dunlap's family
Billy TavisMary Travis' sonMentioned




DirectorGregg Champion
First Assistant DirectorGwyneth Horder-Payton
Second Assistant Director
Susan Price

Developed by
John Watson / Pen Desham
Original Screenplay
William Roberts / Walter Bernstein (uncredited) / Walter Newman (uncredited)

Don Michael Paul
Television StoryJeff Vlaming
Script Supervisor
Jan Rudolph
Script CoordinatorChristina Weir
Executive Producers

Pen Densham
/ Richard Barton Lewis
/ Walter Mirisch
/ Mark Stern
/ John Watson
Steve Beers / Lynne Symons

Associate ProducerDennis C. Duckwall
Supervising ProducerMelissa Rosenberg
Consulting ProducerRichard Kletter / Mark Haskell Smith
Composer: Original ThemeElmer Bernstein
MusicDon Harper / David M. Metzger / John Van Tongeren

Composer: Additonal musicSteve Wilkinson (uncredited)
Director of Photography
Gordon C. Lonsdale
Camera Operator(s)

Gregory Paul Collier / Brian Sullivan (uncredited)
Key Grip
Jason (D.) Hodges
Best Boy GripBob Snowdon (uncredited)
Chief Lighting Technician
Jack Todd
Best Boy Electric
J. B. Richner (uncredited)
Film Editor
David Post
Assistant Editor

Gregory D. Gontz
Supervising Sound Editor(s)
Victor Iorillo, M.P.S.E. /Doug Kent

Sound Editor(s)Miles O'Fun
Production Sound Mixer
Richard Schexnayder
Re-recording Mixer(s)
Pete Elia / Larry Stensvold
ADR MixerMark DeSimone (uncredited)
Art Director
John Bucklin
Set Decorator
John (F.) Brown

Construction Coordinator
Dean (R.) Brown
Property Master
Curtis Akin
Assistant Property MasterJames L. Eddy (uncredited)
Propmaker Foreman
Steven Fidler (uncredited)
Location Manager
Patrick Mignano
Location Liaison
Daniel Veluzatd (uncredited)
Transportation Coordinator
Rockey (Rocky) Reed
Production Designer
Jerry Wanek
Unit Production Manager
Bob (Robert M.) Rolsky

Production Coordinator
Bill (William) Sell
Post-Production Executive
Hudson Hickman (uncredited)
Post-Production Supervisor
Shana Fischer Huber
Post-Production AssistantMichelle Sabrina Wong (uncredited)
Production Accountant
Jeff Gafin
Original casting
Janet Hirshenson, C.S.A. / Jane Jenkins, C.S.A.
Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A.

Casting AssociateTim (Timothy) Michals
Costume Design
Dan Moore
Susan Saldutti (uncredited)

Makeup Artist/ Makeup Department Head

Phyllis Temple
Hair Stylist(s)

Gary Walker
Special Effect Coordinator
Dan (Danny) Lester
Stunt Coordinator
Walter Scott
Assistant Stunt Coordinator
Tony Lee Boggs (uncredited)
StuntmenRichard Burch (uncredited)
Boss Wrangler
Clay M. Lilley (uncredited)
Main Title
Frankfurt Balkind
Film Laboratory Services
FotoKem (Film lab)
Audio Post Production
Westwind Media
Post Production Services
The Post Group (Production Suites)
Production Companies
Trilogy Entertainment Group / The Mirisch Corporation / Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) (Television)

Distribution Company
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)




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Mississippi River

Vista City



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White bread


Flour tortillas

Poblano peppers









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