“The Fugitives”


Season:     4 episode 19
Series Episode: 111
Air Date: February 12, 1963
Laramie TV series starring John Smith, Robert Fuller, Spring Byington and Dennis Holmes
A Revue Studio production



The temperature is dropping and it’s up to Jess to find, by hook or by crook, a badly wounded Slim before he freezes to death.


Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
"Slim" ShermanOwner - Sherman ranch and relay stationJohn Smith31Credited
Jess HarperPart owner - Sherman ranch and relay stationRobert Fuller29Credited
Daisy CooperSherman housekeeperSpring Byington75Credited
Mike WilliamsOrphanDennis Holmes12Credited
Slim's horseAlamoUncredited
HootJess' horseHootUncredited
Charley Bates Posse memberCharles Fredericks44Credited
Doan BallardOutlawMark Dana41Credited
Hob BallardOutawHal Baylor44Credited
Mort CoryLaramie sheriffStuart Randall53Credited
Joel GreevyOutlawJan Merlin37Credited
Myra GreevyJoel Greevy's sisterPhyllis Avery40Credited
Mr. John MonsonLaramie rancher/Former Laramie sheriff
Bartlett Robinson50Credited
Tom Stollery Laramie rancherFord Rainey54Credited
Adam Tolliver Laramie boyBilly Hughes14Credited
McVicker Scotts Bluff sheriffMentioned



DirectorJoe Kane
TeleplayDonald S. Sanford
StoryJohn Champion
ProducerJohn Champion
Assistant to ProducerRod Peterson
Laramie ThemeCyril\ Mockridge
Director of PhotographyRay Rennahan, A. S. C.
Associate ProducerDaniel Ullman
Art DirectorRussell Kimball
Editorial Dept. Head/SupervisorDavid J. O'Connell
Editorial Color ConsultantAlex Quiroga
Color Processing byConsolidated Film Industries
Film EditorRay C. de Vally, A. C. E.
Musical SupervisionStanley Wilson
SoundEarl Crain, Jr.
Makeup ArtistJack Barron
Hair StylistFlorence Bush
Costume & WardrobeVincent Dee
Series Stuntmen (uncredited)Paul Baxley, Joe Canutt. Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, John Daheim, Leonard P. Geer, Sol Gorss, Hemet, Charles Horvath, Robert F. Hoy, Loren Janes, Allen Pinson, Chuck Roberson, Ronnie Rondell Jr., Dean Smith, Tom Steele, Jerry Summers, Jack Williams
Note: Robert Fuller often performed his own stunts in the series.
Assistant DirectorDonald Baer
Set DecorationJohn McCarthy & Ralph Sylos



Epilogue – based on “The Fugitives,” a teleplay by Donald S. Sanford and story by John C. Champion


(JESS HARPER and MYRA GREEVY are looking out the window of the Laramie sheriff’s office.)


JESS HARPER: They’ll stare at you, Myra and they’ll whisper when you walk by. But tomorrow they won’t take so much notice. One day soon they’ll forget.


MYRA GREEVY: I can wait. I’m free… for the first time in my life.


JESS HARPER: About Joel. I’m sorry.


MYRA GREEVY: Don’t say that, Jess. I think I always knew that Joel would die violently someday. I’m sorry about what we did to you.


(MYRA GREEVY and JESS HARPER move to the door.)




(JESS HARPER opens the door for her and MYRA GREEVY leaves.)


JESS HARPER: (Closes the door and leans against it. Turns to open the door.) Well, I’ll see you later, Mort.


MORT CORY: Just a minute. We’ve got some unfinished business.


JESS HARPER: Oh, well now I can’t imagine what?


MORT CORY: You know blamed well what.


JESS HARPER: Well you’re sure all fired grouty. I can’t figure ya.


MORT CORY: Oh you can’t huh?


JESS HARPER: What’s the matter? That molar of yours actin’ up again?


MORT CORY: Well I’ll be juggered. I musta swallered it when you landed that haymaker on me.


JESS HARPER: (Laughs) Well, now it’s better than waiting for the dentist to come to town. Dad gum sight cheaper, too.


MORT CORY: Well, I guess sometimes the ends of justice can be served in strange ways.


JESS HARPER: (Doffing his hat) It would appear so, Sheriff.




MORT CORY: Jess Harper, you better get out of here while I’m still laughin’. ‘Cause if I stop and you’re still here, I’m just liable to jail you and throw away the keys.


JESS HARPER: Never let it be said that Jess Harper couldn’t take a hint. (Spins his hat and exits out the door) See ya, Mort.




Historical Reference

Fort Platte


Geographic Reference

Butte City, United States of America

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, United States of America

Laramie, Wyoming Territory, United States of America

Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United States of America 

Wind Canyon in Wyoming Territory, United States of America




Chicken and dumplings

Ham hocks

Hot cakes

Sweet Pickles

Apple pie and cheese

Potato Salad

Rabbit Stew

Roast Ribs

Roast of Venison







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