“Wagon Train” (Part 2)


Season:              2 episode 6
Series Episode:  15
Air Date:           February 19, 1999



“We will not be driven off our land by outlaws” – Gerard Whitman

“All right, now, fella. We’re all in this together.” – Josiah Sanchez



Protect a wagon train



A dollar a day and found



Euphemisms / Quotes / Literary References


“This place is peaceful as a prayer meeting and I miss the smell of beer.” – Bucklin “Buck” Wilmington


Worse than boots in a bog, this lot.” – Dicky O’Shea


“If we head straight at them they’re gonna pick us off like ducks on a pond.” – Bucklin “Buck” Wilmington


“You ever get tired of kicking up so much dust?” – Nathan Jackson


“They’re sleeping like rocks.” – Gerard Whitman


“Look at Josiah, helpless as a cow in quicksand.” – Bucklin “Buck” Wilmington




Cast & Crew Lists


CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
Chris Larabee

Michael Biehn
Vin Tanner
GunfighterEric Close
John “J.D." Dunne
GunfighterAndrew Kavovit
Bucklin "Buck" Wilmington
GunfighterDale Midkiff
Josiah Sanchez
Gunfighter/ TheologianRon Perlman
Ezra Standish
Gambler/ Conman/ Gunfighter
Anthony Starke
Nathan Jackson
Gunfighter / HealerRick Worthy
Mary Travis
Owner and editor of The Clarion News
Laurie Holden
Billy Travis
Mary Travis' son / Owen Travis' grandson
Gemini Barnett
Dicky O'Shea
Gang Leader
Bruce McGill
Charlotte Richmond
Will Richmond's wife / Homesteader
Kathryn Morris
Will Richmond
Homesteader / Wagon master
James G. MacDonald
Gerard Whitman
Michael Woods
“Powder Man”
Explosive expert
Tim de Zarn (DeZarn)
Widow / Homesteader
Bobbie Phillips
Alice's sonAlan James Morgan
Dicky O'Shea's henchman
Danny Ohaco (Daniel O'Haco)
Dicky O'Shea's henchman
Kevin West
Jack's widow
Nancy Jeffries
Homesteader that plays the fiddle
Homesteader that plays the banjo
Child on wagon train
Ken Rowland
David S. Winn III




DirectorChristopher Cain
First Assistant DirectorKevin Collins

Second Assistant Director
Susan Price

Developed by
John Watson / Pen Desham
Original Screenplay
William Roberts / Walter Bernstein (uncredited) / Walter Newman (uncredited)

Richard Kletter
Television StoryNeil Landau

Script Supervisor
Jan Rudolph
Script CoordinatorChristina Weir
Executive Producers

Pen Densham
/ Richard Barton Lewis
/ Walter Mirisch
/ Mark Stern
/ John Watson
Steve Beers / Lynne Symons

Associate ProducerDennis C. Duckwall
Supervising ProducerMelissa Rosenberg
Consulting ProducerRichard Kletter / Mark Haskell Smith
Composer: Original ThemeElmer Bernstein
MusicDon Harper
Director of Photography
Gordon C. Lonsdale
Camera Operator(s)

Gregory Paul Collier / Brian Sullivan (uncredited)
Key Grip
Jason (D.) Hodges
Best Boy GripBob Snowdon (uncredited)
Chief Lighting Technician
Jack Todd
Best Boy Electric
J. B. Richner (uncredited)
Film Editor
James R. Symons, A.C.E.

Assistant Editor

Vaune Kirby Frechette / Kerry Michael Tym
Supervising Sound Editor(s)
Victor Iorillo, M.P.S.E. /Doug Kent

Sound Editor(s)Miles O'Fun
Production Sound Mixer
Richard Schexnayder
Re-recording Mixer(s)
Pete Elia / Larry Stensvold
Art Director
John Bucklin
Set Decorator
John (F.) Brown

Construction Coordinator
Dean (R.) Brown
Property Master
Curtis Akin
Assistant Property MasterJames L. Eddy (uncredited)
Propmaker Foreman
Steven Fidler (uncredited)
Location Manager
Patrick Mignano
Location Liaison
Daniel Veluzatd (uncredited)
Transportation Coordinator
Rockey (Rocky) Reed
Production Designer
Jerry Wanek
Unit Production Manager
Bob (Robert M.) Rolsky

Production Coordinator
Bill (William) Sell
Post-Production Executive
Hudson Hickman (uncredited)
Post-Production Supervisor
Shana Fischer Huber
Post-Production AssistantMichelle Sabrina Wong (uncredited)
Production Accountant
Jeff Gafin
Original casting
Janet Hirshenson, C.S.A. / Jane Jenkins, C.S.A.
Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A.

Casting AssociateTim (Timothy) Michals
Costume Design
Dan Moore
Susan Saldutti (uncredited)

Makeup Artist/ Makeup Department Head

Phyllis Temple
Makeup ArtistDavid Abbott (uncredited)
Hair Stylist(s)

Gary Walker
Special Effect Coordinator
Dan (Danny) Lester
Stunt Coordinator
Walter Scott
Assistant Stunt Coordinator
Tony Lee Boggs (uncredited)
StuntmenRichard Burch (uncredited)
Boss Wrangler
Clay M. Lilley (uncredited)
Main Title
Frankfurt Balkind
Film Laboratory Services
FotoKem (Film lab)
Audio Post Production
Westwind Media
Post Production Services
The Post Group (Production Suites)
Production Companies
Trilogy Entertainment Group / The Mirisch Corporation / Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) (Television)

Distribution Company
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)




Annals of Time

Texas Rangers


Hot on the Trail



San Francisco, California



Pleasurable Pursuits

Hide and Go Seek



Dulcet Refrains


“Camptown Races”
by Stephen Foster

De Camptown ladies sing dis song—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

De Camp-town race-track five miles long—Oh! doo-dah day!

I come down dah wid my hat caved in—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

I go back home wid a pocket full of tin—Oh! doo-dah day!



Gwine to run all night!

Gwine to run all day!

I’ll bet my money on de bob-tail nag—

Somebody bet on de bay.


De long tail filly and de big black hoss—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

Dey fly de track and dey both cut across—Oh! doo-dah-day!

De blind hoss sticken in a big mud hole—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

Can’t touch bottom wid a ten foot pole—Oh! doo-dah-day!




Old muley cow com onto de track—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

De bob-tail fling her ober his back—Oh! doo-dah-day!

Den fly along like a rail-road car—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

Runnin’ a race wid a shootin’ star—Oh! Doo-dah-day!




See dem flyin’ on a ten mile heat—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

Round de race track, den repeat—Oh! doo-dah-day!

I win my money on de bob-tail nag—Doo-dah! doo-dah!

I keep my money in an old tow-bag—Oh! Doo-dah-day!



To hear this song, please click here.



“Oh! Susanna”
by Stephen Foster


I come from Alabama
With my banjo on my knee
I’m going to Louisiana
My true love for to see.


Oh, Susanna!
Oh, don’t you cry for me
For I come from Alabama
With a banjo on my knee


It rained all night the day
I left the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death
Susanna, don’t you cry




I had a dream the other night
When everything was still
I thought I saw Susanna
A-coming down the hill




A red, red rose was in her hand
The tear was in her eye
I said, “I come from Dixieland
Susanna, don’t you cry.”




I soon will be in New Orleans
And then I’ll look around
And when I find Susanna
I’ll fall upon the ground.




But if I do not find her
I will surely die
And when I’m dead and buried
Susanna, don’t you cry.




To hear the tune, please click here.



Refreshments & Libations









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